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2024 Nursing Student Supplies Guide: Essential Tools for Success

Updated: Apr 3

Embarking on your nursing education journey in 2024? Success in nursing school hinges not just on dedication and hard work but also on being well-equipped with the right supplies. This guide delves into the must-have gear for nursing students, ensuring you're fully prepared for the academic and clinical challenges ahead.

Best Stethoscopes for Nursing Students: A Nursing Student Essential Tool

A quality stethoscope is crucial for nursing students, serving as your primary tool for learning to interpret vital signs and internal sounds. Opt for a model known for its durability and clear acoustics, such as those from Littmann or ADC, to ensure reliability during clinical assessments.

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Selected Books on the following Nursing Specialties & Topics

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Nursing Uniforms: What to Wear on Your First Day and Beyond

Scrubs are the standard attire for nursing students, offering a blend of professionalism and comfort. Choose scrubs with features like moisture-wicking fabric and ample pockets, and ensure they comply with your school's dress code. On your first day, opt for a set that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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Supportive Footwear: Choosing the Right Shoes for Nursing School

Foot comfort is non-negotiable in nursing school, where long hours on your feet are the norm. Invest in supportive, non-slip shoes, with brands like Dansko and New Balance offering options that combine ergonomics with safety. The required color often depends on your school's uniform policy, so check in advance.

Comfort is key when you are working as a nurse to save lives. It helps you focus on patients and that is what counts.

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Protective Gear: Keeping Safe with Masks and Hand Sanitizer

In the healthcare environment, protective gear is essential. Stock up on masks and hand sanitizer to minimize the spread of germs, ensuring you and your patients stay healthy.

Educational Materials: Textbooks and Reference Guides for Nursing Students

Your nursing textbooks are an invaluable resource, covering fundamental concepts from patient care to pharmacology. Supplement your learning with reference guides for quick information during clinical rotations.

Organizational Essentials: Keeping Track with Planners and Notebooks

Stay organized with a reliable planner and notebooks, essential for managing your busy schedule and lecture notes. Color-coding and effective note-taking strategies can enhance your study efficiency.

Digital Learning Tools: Tablets and Laptops for Nursing Students

A tablet or laptop is indispensable for accessing online resources, e-books, and educational software. Ensure your device is equipped to handle the demands of nursing school, with sufficient storage and battery life

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Skill Practice Kit: Preparing for Hands-On Patient Care

A personal medical kit, including items like a blood pressure cuff and thermometer, allows you to practice clinical skills confidently and competently.

Self-Care Supplies: Prioritizing Your Wellbeing

Incorporate self-care into your routine with items like a quality water bottle, a comfortable yoga mat, and noise-cancelling headphones, ensuring you remain physically and mentally fit.

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Utilize flashcards to memorize crucial information, from lab values to medical terminology, facilitating quick recall and deeper understanding of complex topics.

Click over the image below to find great flashcards to learn medications, anatomy or as an aid to review for the CNA or CRNA examinations

As an Amazon Affiliate we earn commissions on qualifying purchases

As an Amazon Affiliate we earn commissions on qualifying purchases

FAQs for Nursing Students

What does a first-year nursing student need? First-year nursing students need a reliable stethoscope, comfortable and professional scrubs, supportive shoes, a variety of educational materials, organizational tools, a digital device for accessing online resources, a medical kit for skill practice, protective gear like masks and hand sanitizer, self-care items, and flashcards for efficient study.

What should I wear on the first day of nursing school? Wear professional, comfortable scrubs that meet your school's dress code. Choose colors or patterns that make you feel confident and ensure your footwear is supportive and complies with any color requirements.

What kind of stuff do you learn in nursing school? Nursing school covers a broad spectrum of topics, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, patient care, medical ethics, and specialized fields such as pediatrics, mental health, and emergency care.

What color shoes do you need for nursing school? The required color for shoes often depends on your school's uniform policy. Common requirements include white, black, or navy, but always check with your institution for specific guidelines.

Conclusion: Equipped for Excellence

With the right supplies in hand, you're set to navigate the challenges and rewards of nursing school. This 2024 guide to essential nursing student supplies prepares you for academic success and a fulfilling career in healthcare. Remember, being well-prepared with the appropriate gear not only enhances your learning experience but also sets you on the path to becoming a competent, compassionate healthcare professional.


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