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Emergency Nursing Textbooks & Guides

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Great deals on textbooks and study guides on Emergency Nursing.
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Sheehy’s Manual of Emergency Care
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Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum
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Sheehy’s Manual of Emergency Care (Newberry, Sheehy's Manual of Emergency Care)
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Sheehy's Emergency Nursing: Principles and Practice
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CEN Study Guide 2024-2025: Updated Review + 1050 Test Questions and Detailed Answer Explanations for the Certified Emergency Nurse Exam (6 Full-Length Exams)
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Charting Tips for the New ER Nurse: Emergency Nurse Charting and Documentation Tips
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LWW - Emergency Nursing Made Incredibly Easy (Incredibly Easy! Series®)
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Saunders Nursing Survival Guide: Critical Care & Emergency Nursing
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Emergency Nursing Made Simple: A Must-Have Guide for Essential Skills and Techniques for ER Nurses.
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Rapid Access Guide for Triage and Emergency Nurses: Chief Complaints with High-Risk Presentations
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