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University of Indiana Class of 2028: Tips to Finding an Ideal Roommate

Updated: Apr 3

Discovering Your Ideal Roommate at Indiana University for the Class of 2028: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Match

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University of Indiana Class of 2028 | Finding a Roommate | Tips for the Search

Indiana University (IU) Class of 2028: Embarking on the Journey to Find Your Roommate

Congratulations future Hoosiers of the Class of 2028! As you prepare to embark on your journey to Indiana University (IU), you're about to become part of a vibrant community that cherishes innovation, diversity, and tradition. Indiana University is not just a place for academic learning; it's a nurturing ground for personal growth, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. From the iconic Sample Gates greeting you at the entrance to the legendary Assembly Hall echoing with cheers, every corner of IU's campus is alive with spirit and pride.

When is the Best Time to Start Your Class of 2028 Roommate Search at University of Indiana (IU)?

The best time to begin your search for the perfect Indiana University roommate is as soon as you accept your admission offer. Starting early gives you ample time to connect with potential roommates, increasing your chances of finding someone with compatible living habits and interests.

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Finding Your Ideal Roommate: Steps to Success

Finding the right roommate is a blend of instinct and strategy. Here are some key tips to help you find the perfect match:

Identify Your Living Preferences: Reflect on your lifestyle, study habits, and social preferences. Understanding your own needs is the first step in finding a compatible roommate.

Utilize IU's Housing Site: This invaluable resource allows you to explore housing options and connect with other students looking for roommates who share similar living preferences and interests.

Engage on Social Media and Forums: Join IU Class of 2028 groups on platforms like Facebook, Indiana University (@iubloomington) & U Student Life (@iustudentlife).

Attend IU Orientation Events: Check out their Orientation Portal. Orientation isn't just about familiarizing yourself with IU; it's also a prime opportunity to meet other incoming students in person.

Communication is Crucial: Once you've found a potential roommate, have an open discussion about your living expectations. Topics like:

  • Sleep schedules

  • Cleanliness

  • Guest policies &Study habits are essential to ensure compatibility.

Exploring IU Housing Options

For the most current and comprehensive information on IU housing options and to apply for housing, visit the Indiana University housing website


Northeast: For 2nd year - graduate students



For detailed information and links to each, visit the IU Housing locations page.

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Choosing Your College Roommate: A Key to a Great College Experience

Selecting the right roommate is one of your first steps towards a fulfilling and enjoyable college experience at Indiana University. By knowing your preferences and utilizing the resources IU provides, you can find a roommate who not only matches your living style but may also become a lifelong friend.

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