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Learning Spanish for beginners: Best way to Learn Spanish online and on your own

Updated: Apr 3

Guide to Learning Spanish for Beginners: What are the best ways to learn Spanish on your own, online and for free

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Learning a new language opens doors to a multitude of opportunities, whether it's for travel, business, or simply the joy of discovering a new culture. Spanish, as one of the world's most spoken languages, holds particular appeal. This article discusses the best way to learn Spanish online, for free and own your own. Whether you're seeking the best Spanish for beginners books, ways to learn Spanish fast, ways to learn Spanish for free, we hope you find this article useful on your journey to start speaking Spanish. Whether you're starting from scratch and looking for learning Spanish for beginners books or the best way to learn Spanish online you've come to the right place.

As an Amazon Affiliate we earn commissions on qualifying purchases

If you are reading this article you are probably a beginner looking for the best way to learn Spanish or looking for ways to learn Spanish on your own. It is not hard, but you need to use the right resources.

Before diving into how to learn Spanish, let's explore why you should. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by native speakers, making it an invaluable asset for travel or international business. Additionally, mastering Spanish can give you a leg up in various professional fields like healthcare, education, and international relations.

Tips and Tricks for Learning Spanish on your own

As an Amazon Affiliate we earn commissions on qualifying purchases

Flashcards are a timeless and effective method for vocabulary building when you are trying to learn Spanish. Use them to memorize essential Spanish phrases, verbs, and vocabulary.

Engage in Conversational Practice: This is one of the best ways to learn Spanish

Language is for communication. Regularly engage in conversations, even if it’s just with a language learning app or a speaking partner online.

Prioritize Leaning Common Spanish Phrases

Mastering commonly used phrases can make daily communication easier and help you navigate through various situations.

10 Essential Spanish Phrases for Beginners

  1. Hola - Hello

  2. ¿Cómo estás? - How are you?

  3. Por favor - Please

  4. Gracias - Thank you

  5. Lo siento - I'm sorry

  6. ¿Cuánto cuesta? - How much does it cost?

  7. ¿Dónde está…? - Where is...?

  8. Me llamo [Your Name] - My name is [Your Name]

  9. No entiendo - I don’t understand

  10. Hasta luego - See you later

Consistency is Key to Learning Spanish for beginners

Set aside time for daily practice. Consistency trumps long, irregular study sessions.

Immerse Yourself in the Spanish language. This is probably the best way to learn speak Spanish Fluently

One of the most effective ways to learn Spanish is through immersion. If traveling to a Spanish-speaking country isn't feasible, consider changing the language settings on your phone, watching Spanish movies, or listening to Spanish music.

Best Products for Learning Spanish (including learning Spanish Online)

Duolingo- A Great way to learn Spanish online for free

Duolingo offers a user-friendly interface and gamified lessons that helps folks learn to speak Spanish. It is a great tool for learning Spanish online for free. If you are a beginner, then you should add it to your list of ways to practice your Spanish. While it's great for building basic vocabulary and sentence structure, you may need additional resources for complete fluency. They offer it free, if you don't mind the ads. It is really a great way to augment your spanish learning. You can also listen to their podcasts for free. The podcast aren't lessons, but are stories in spanish that are designed to be easy to understand.

Rosetta Stone for Learning Spanish

One of the oldest and most reputable language learning platforms, Rosetta Stone focuses on immersive methods. It is conversational based and great for developing a habit of speaking. Once you have learned a bit of Spanish it is great for review and practice.

Pimsleur - This is another commonly used tool for folks learning to speak speak Spanish.

Good for auditory learners , Pimsleur offers audio Spanish courses that you can listen to at your convenience. The focus is on pronunciation and understanding Spanish as it is spoken.


For one-on-one practice, iTalki connects you with native speakers. Lessons are tailored to your needs and skill level.

Spanish Workbooks and Spanish Textbooks for Beginners.

Traditional Spanish workbooks are great for learning Spanish

As an Amazon Affiliate we earn commissions on qualifying purchases

These provide structured lessons and exercises that cover the fundamental aspects of the Spanish language.

Learning Spanish is something you will enjoy doing!

In the digital age, learning Spanish has never been more accessible. Whether you prefer apps like Duolingo and Babbel, comprehensive courses like Rosetta Stone, individual lessons via iTalki, or good old-fashioned Spanish workbooks and Spanish textbooks, there's a platform tailored to your learning style.

Embarking on the journey to learn Spanish is an investment in your future. From boosting your resume to opening doors in international travel, the benefits are endless. With dedication and the right resources, hablando español will soon be second nature!

Interested in kickstarting your Spanish journey? Share this guide with a friend who's eager to learn, and make sure to bookmark it for easy reference. ¡Buena suerte!

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