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Tips for Finding the Perfect University of Arkansas Roommate - Class of 2028

Updated: Apr 3

Embarking on your college journey at the University of Arkansas (UArk) introduces you to a world of new experiences, one of the most significant being living on campus. As a member of the Class of 2028, you'll find a vibrant and diverse housing environment, offering various options to suit your lifestyle and preferences. You made a great choice deciding to go to the University of Arkansas! One of your missions is to apply for housing and to find an ideal roommate that will be a good fit for you. This article discusses some tips for finding a good roommate that we hope will help.

Finding a roommate at Uark | Class of 2028
Class of 2028 Roommate at University of Arkansa

When to Start Looking University of Arkansas Roommate | Class of 2028?

When to Start Looking for a University of Arkansas Roommate | Class of 2028

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The search for a roommate should begin as soon as you've committed to attending the University of Arkansas. Signing your housing contract early is crucial, as it only allows you to choose from the widest selection of housing options, but at that point allows you to select your roommate. You can go to the University Housing | Housing | University of Arkansas website for the most up to date details on UArk dorms and their amenities.

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How to Find Your Ideal University of Arkansas Roommate | Class of 2028

It is not about using a roommate finder, but knowing your preferences for both they type of housing that will fit your needs and also the qualities in a roommate that will be compatible with you and your habits.

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Tips for finding a University of Arkansas Roommate | Class of 2028

Here are tailored steps and tips to navigate your Journey on :

  1. Understand the Housing Options: The University of Arkansas offers a range of living styles, including community style, suite style, and apartment style accommodations. Each has its unique features, from shared bathrooms in community halls to full kitchens in apartment styles, catering to different preferences and needs​​.

  2. Freshman Residency Requirement: According to their website, University of Arkansas requires all single freshmen under 21 to live on campus unless they reside with a parent or guardian within a 70-minute drive from campus.

  3. Utilize University of Arkansas Resources: The university's housing portal is an invaluable tool for exploring your housing options and connecting with potential roommates. Additionally, the university offers a roommate selection feature during the housing contract phase, allowing you to select someone who aligns with your living habits and preferences​​.

  4. Engage with Future Classmates: Participate in UArk social media groups and forums designed for incoming students. These platforms are excellent for meeting peers, sharing interests, and finding potential roommates.

  5. Consider Your Lifestyle Preferences: Reflect on your living habits, study routines, and social preferences. Whether you're an early riser or a night owl, neat or more laid-back, it's important to find a roommate whose lifestyle aligns with yours to ensure a harmonious living environment.

  6. Open Communication: Once you've connected with a potential roommate, engage in honest conversations about your expectations, habits, and preferences. This step is crucial for laying the groundwork for a successful roommate relationship

Freshman Dorm Options at the University of Arkansas

Adohi Hall: A suite-style, sustainability-focused hall ideal for students interested in creativity and environmental stewardship.

Clark Hall: This hall offers a suite-style living environment, providing a balance between privacy and community engagement.

Founders Hall: Known for its community-style living, Founders Hall encourages strong community bonds among its residents.

Futrall Hall: A community-style residence for female students, offering a traditional living experience with a sense of history and camaraderie.

Gatewood Hall: Offers suite-style living with a smaller, more intimate environment, ideal for students seeking a quieter residence experience.

Gibson Hall: A female-only, community-style hall, emphasizing a supportive and engaging living experience.

Gregson Hall: A centrally located community-style hall known for its vibrant social atmosphere and convenience to campus amenities.

Harding Hall: Suite-style accommodations providing a mix of privacy and community, suitable for students looking for a balanced dorm experience.

Holcombe Hall: Another community-style option, Holcombe fosters close-knit relationships and offers a rich sense of tradition.

Hotz Honors Hall: Exclusively for first-year Honors College students, offering suite-style rooms and an academic-focused community.

Humphreys Hall: A community-style residence that supports a strong sense of belonging and student interaction.

Maple Hill East, South, and West: These suite-style halls are known for their modern amenities and comfortable living conditions, catering to students who prefer a blend of privacy and community.

Morgan Hall: Offers suite-style living with the convenience of being open during breaks, making it a great choice for students who plan to stay on campus year-round.

Pomfret Hall: A large, diverse residence with both community and suite-style options, known for its inclusive and dynamic environment.

Reid Hall: A community-style hall for female students, emphasizing a nurturing and engaging living experience.

Walton Hall: Provides suite-style living with a focus on community engagement, ideal for students seeking a blend of privacy and social interaction.

Yocum Hall: Recently renovated, offering community-style living with modern amenities and a focus on student engagement.

Each of these dorms provides unique opportunities for freshmen to immerse themselves in the Razorback community, whether through living-learning programs, sustainability initiatives, or academic support. When choosing a dorm, consider the type of environment you thrive in, the amenities that are important to you, and the location relative to your classes and campus activities.

The University of Arkansas is an amazing place and they make the process of finding a roommate as seamless as possible, with a focus on compatibility and student satisfaction. You can find a roommate who not only shares your living space but may also become a lifelong friend. Here's to a fantastic start to your college experience with the Class of 2028 at the University of Arkansas!

For the most current and detailed information, including any updates to dorm features, policies, or availability, it's always best to consult the University of Arkansas's official housing website (University Housing | Housing | University of Arkansas) or contact their housing office directly. This approach will ensure you have the latest details to guide your decisions regarding on-campus living and roommate selection.

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