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Tips for Finding Your Ideal Roommate at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for the Class of 2028

Updated: Apr 3

Finding a good roommate fat UCLA - Class of 2028
Class of 2028 Roommate UCLA - University of California Los Angeles

Congratulations, UCLA Bruins of the Class of 2028! As you prepare to start this exciting chapter of your life, remember that finding the right roommate can greatly enhance your UCLA experience. By understanding your own preferences and exploring UCLA's diverse housing options, you're well on your way to making unforgettable memories and friendships. UCLA offers a variety of freshman dorms, each with its own unique features and amenities, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. Here is a synthesized overview of the dorm options available to freshmen, inspired by the information found across multiple sources.

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The search for a Roommate | UCLA Class of 2028

Tips for Finding Your Ideal Roommate

  1. Define Your Preferences: Before starting your search, reflect on your lifestyle, study habits, and social preferences. Consider whether you're an early bird or a night owl, how tidy you like your living space, and your social habits.

  2. Use UCLA's Resources: Leverage UCLA's housing portal and social media groups dedicated to the Class of 2028. These platforms are excellent for connecting with fellow Bruins and finding potential roommates.

  3. Engage on Social Media: Join UCLA-specific groups on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Reddit. These can be invaluable for getting to know your peers and identifying compatible roommates.

  4. Attend UCLA's Virtual Events: UCLA often organizes virtual events for incoming students. These gatherings provide a great opportunity to meet future classmates and potentially find a roommate.

  5. Consider Roommate Matching Services: If you're looking for an automated way to find a roommate, explore roommate matching services that pair you based on compatibility and preferences.

  6. Communicate Openly: Once you've found a potential roommate, have an honest conversation about your living expectations and habits. This step is crucial for ensuring compatibility and avoiding future conflicts.

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When to Start Your Search for a Roommate at UCLA for the Class of 2028

It's wise to start looking for your college roommate as soon as you've decided to attend UCLA. Beginning your search early provides you with ample time to connect with potential roommates, discuss your living habits, and make an informed decision. Ideally, kick off your search to finding a roommate in the spring or early summer before the academic year starts.

The UCLA HOUSING Site provides information housing assignments.and describes their roommate matching process. You can also get information on housing eligibility, rates and contract information. Their housing portal My Housing allows you to access a housing application, apply for housing and manage your housing preferences.

Exploring UCLA's Housing Options

UCLA offers a range of on-campus housing options to suit various preferences:

  • Classic Residence Halls: These are traditional dormitory-style accommodations, perfect for first-year students looking to immerse themselves in the campus culture. They are known for fostering tight-knit communities and offering meal plans.

  • Deluxe Residence Halls: Similar to classic halls but with upgraded amenities, these halls offer a blend of community living with a bit more comfort.

  • Plaza Residential Suites: These suites come with in-suite bathrooms and, in some cases, kitchenettes, catering to those who prefer a bit more privacy while still enjoying the communal aspects of college living.

  • Apartments: For upperclassmen or those who desire more independence, UCLA's on-campus apartments provide a more private living situation with full kitchens and more space.

Each housing option is designed with student needs in mind, from fostering social interactions to providing quiet study spaces

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Classic Residence Halls

  • Dykstra, Rieber, Hedrick, and Sproul: These are the original dorm buildings at UCLA, known for their high-rise experience. They feature double and triple rooms with community bathrooms, study lounges on every floor, and large social lounges for events. Despite not having air conditioning, their location allows for cool ocean breezes to provide natural ventilation. Rooms come furnished with essentials like a bed, desk, and dresser for each resident​​.


  • Hitch and Saxon Suites: These suites are known for their unique layout, offering a common living room space, two rooms sharing a bathroom, and both indoor and outdoor social and study spaces. Recently renovated, these suites also do not have air conditioning but are designed with large trees around to offer shade and coolness. The living rooms are fully furnished, enhancing the communal living experience​​.

Themed Communities

UCLA also provides themed living communities, which allow students to live among peers with shared interests or academic pursuits. These communities offer additional programs and support tailored to their themes:

  • Transfer Experience and Community Living Program (TEC): Aimed at transfer students, offering academic support and mentorship.

  • Global Studies Floor (GSF): Focuses on global issues and cultures, with language classes and cultural events.

  • Honors Floor: For students in the UCLA Honors Program, providing academic resources and support.

  • Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community (ELLC): Offers workshops and networking for students interested in entrepreneurship.

  • Sustainability Living Learning Community (SLLC): Focuses on environmental sustainability with programs and events on sustainable living.

  • First To Go Living Learning Community (FTG): Supports first-generation college students with academic and social programs.

  • Social Justice Living Learning Community (SJLLC): Encourages engagement with social justice through educational workshops and activism​​.

Handling Roommate Conflicts

UCLA's approach to managing roommate conflicts typically involves encouraging open communication and mediation through resident advisors (RAs). RAs play a crucial role in facilitating discussions and helping roommates come to mutual agreements. Many dorms also require roommates to sign a contract outlining shared living arrangements, which can be referred to when resolving conflicts​​.

For the most current and detailed information, including any updates to dorm features, policies, or availability, it's always best to consult the UCLA official housing website (My Housing) or contact their housing office directly. This approach will ensure you have the latest details to guide your decisions regarding on-campus living and roommate selection.

The LA Scene for Students

West Los Angeles, with its blend of urban sophistication and beachy relaxation, offers a dynamic backdrop for students pursuing higher education. This area, brimming with cultural richness and academic vigor, stands as a beacon for those seeking the quintessential Los Angeles experience while indulging in the pursuit of knowledge.

Neighborhood Insights:

  • Westwood: This neighborhood is a cornerstone of student life, offering a tapestry of cultural and educational experiences right at UCLA's doorstep. Its streets are lined with theaters and cafes, embodying a youthful vibrancy that's hard to find elsewhere.

  • Santa Monica: A mere stone's throw from UCLA, Santa Monica provides an escape to seaside serenity, where education and leisure meet against the backdrop of the Pacific. Hollywood: The heart of the entertainment industry, Hollywood is a vibrant neighborhood that thrives on creativity and excitement. The neighborhood is dotted with iconic venues, eclectic eateries, and historical landmarks, providing a stimulating environment for those drawn to the arts. It can be a fun place to visit. Beverly Hills: Is in close proximity to the UCLA campus and has a number of cool restaurants. It is a great place for people watching when you want to get away for studying, especially on Rodeo Drive.

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