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Big Ten Football, Big Ten Football Rankings. Who Will be Best Big 10 Football Team 2023?

Updated: Sep 13

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Big Ten Football 2023 Champions?

College football season is here. There are now 14 teams in the BIG 10. Only one will be crowned as the the CHAMPIONS in 2023. We all have our favorites :).

Analyzing the Prospects for the 2023 Big Ten Football Championship. The Big Ten football season is here, Big Ten football rankings change every week: The Significance of the Michigan-Ohio State Matchup


Leading Contenders in Big 10 football - Who will be ranked #1?

Michigan Wolverines

The University of Michigan holds a unique position and is primed to be a contender for the 2023 Big Ten Championship. JJ McCarthy will start his second season as the Wolverines' starting QB. The Michigan-Ohio State matchup is more than a traditional rivalry; it often serves as a barometer for Michigan’s overall season pherformance and Big Ten Championship aspirations. Historically, the Wolverines have found it challenging to overcome Ohio State. In 2022 MICHIGAN crushed OSU 45- 23 and in 2021 Michigan beat Ohio State 42-27. Will they do it again? This season’s matchup will be crucial in defining both teams’ pathways to the championship, making it one of the most anticipated games in the Big Ten calendar. The Big Ten football season is here, Big Ten football rankings change every week. However, for folks in Michingan and Ohio the Michigan-Ohio State Matchup helps determine the season for many fans.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State Buckeyes remain a perennial contender within the Big Ten Conference due to consistent, high-level performance and a robust recruitment strategy. Their current roster and the stability of their quarterback position are key factors pointing to a strong season. This will be Kyle McCord's third season with the Buckeyes in 2023 as theif QB and his performance will be a significant fact in their performance.

Wisconsin Badgers

The University of Wisconsin often emerges as a leading contender in the Big Ten West Division, principally because of their defensive prowess and run-oriented offensive strategy. These characteristics make them a team to watch closely as the season progresses.

Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State University presents a well-balanced team backed by solid recruitment. Although performance has fluctuated in recent years, they possess the requisite attributes for a strong championship run, contingent on key matchups and in-division performance.

Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa stands as a disciplined team, focusing on sound fundamentals. Though perhaps lacking the high-profile recruitment of other leading contenders, their meticulous gameplay makes them a competitive force in the conference.

Potential Upsets

Minnesota Golden Gophers and Indiana Hoosiers

Both the University of Minnesota and Indiana University have shown incremental performance improvements in recent years. While they have not historically been viewed as football strongholds, they should not be discounted as potential disruptors in the championship race.


The Michigan-Ohio State matchup will likely serve as a critical determinant for both teams' championship aspirations. With teams like Wisconsin and Penn State also presenting strong cases based on existing metrics, the Big Ten Championship race promises to be highly competitive. As the season unfolds, key matchups, injuries, and emerging talents will undoubtedly refine this analysis further.

The Big Ten Conference is set for an engaging and highly competitive season. While predictions can provide some guidance, the inherent unpredictability and dynamics of key matchups, especially the Michigan-Ohio State game, ensure an exhilarating road to the championship.

Cast your vote on the best BIG 10 Football Team in 2023

Which team will be the Big Ten Champions in 2023?

  • Michigan - Go Blue!

  • Ohio State - OSU all the way!

  • Neither - they are both losers!

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