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Philosophy for law students |Textbooks | Study Guides

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The Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law (Oxford Handbooks)
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Treatise on Law, The: (Summa Theologiae, I-II; qq. 90-97) (Notre Dame Studies in Law and Contemporary Issues)
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The Struggles of Identity, Education, and Agency in the Lives of Undocumented Students: The Burden of Hyperdocumentation
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Law Students and Lawyers, the Philosophy of Political Parties, and Other Subjects: :Eight Lectures Delivered Before the Law Department of Howard University [ 1873 ]
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The Law of the Sea; A manual of the principles of admiralty law for students, mariners, and ship operators
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The Roberts Court and Public Schools
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Stress Reduction for Lawyers, Law Students, and Legal Professionals: Learning to Relax
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Arguments about Abortion: Personhood, Morality, and Law
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What Makes Law: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law (Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy and Law)
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Ivy Briefs: True Tales of a Neurotic Law Student
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