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Books & Guides on Personal Finance for College Students & Beginners

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Discover great books about personal finance and money management for College Students and learners seeking knowledge about money

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Personal Finance for Teens and College Students: The Complete Guide to Financial Literacy for Teens and Young Adults
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How You Can Maximize Student Aid: Strategies for the FAFSA and the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to Increase Financial Aid for College
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Landlord Away Your Student Loan Debt
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Everything a College Student Needs to Know About Personal Finance: but doesn't want to ask
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Financial Literacy for Millennials: A Practical Guide to Managing Your Financial Life for Teens, College Students, and Young Adults
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ISE Investments
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It's Not Common Cent$: A 30-Day Personal Finance Crash Course for College Students and Young Adults. How to Manage Money, Save Money Fast, Pay off Debt and Invest in the Stock Market.
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Money Management Skills For College Students: How to Build and Manage Credit Score, Save for Emergency, Budget, Invest, and Clear off Student Loans (An Essential College Life Guide for Students )
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7 Budget Hacks for College Students: Earning and Saving on Campus
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Investment plan for college students: Building a Bright Future and A Strategic Investment Plan for College Students
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